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I wasn’t familiar with Royal Columbian Hospital until my husband Trevor and I arrived there for the birth of our son on a January night in 2012. Like most parents, we expected a routine delivery.

About three hours into labour, I sensed something wasn’t right. The faces of the nurses turned serious, and their light, easy banter stopped. The baby’s heartrate was dropping. Fast.

In what seemed like seconds, the room was full. It was as if everyone had dropped from the ceiling, Mission Impossible style. With military like precision, the team prepared me for an emergency C-section and put me out. There was no time for Trevor to get into scrubs, so he waited outside in the hallway. At 10:37 pm, Jack William Cornish was delivered by Dr. Jagdeep Ubhi. It was just in the nick of time.

“With military like precision, the team prepared me for an emergency C-section and put me out.”

I learned that for his first few minutes in the outside world, Jack was blue and unresponsive. Under Royal Columbian Hospital neonatologist Dr. Zenon Cieslak’s care, he was pink and wailing just minutes later.

About a month after we brought Jack home, Trevor and I realized that now we were parents, we needed to write our Wills. Who would look after Jack if something happened to us? Also, there was something else I felt compelled to do – include a gift in my Will to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

Some moments in life need to be marked, recognized and remembered. Leaving a future legacy gift to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation was my way of expressing my gratitude to Dr. Ubhi, Dr. Cieslak, and the nurses who attended Jack and me that January night, when minutes counted. Best of all, I know my gift will help future patients who come to Royal Columbian when minutes count for them.

Today, almost 10 years after Jack was born, I feel fortunate to be part of RCHF’s team.

My favourite part of my job is hearing other people’s stories about why our hospital means so much to them. I’d love to hear yours.

Why do you love Royal Columbian Hospital?

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