What is RCH Foundation’s Charitable Registration Number?

Our Charitable Registration Number is 11912 8866 RR0001. Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation issues tax receipts for donations.

What is the RCH Foundation’s legal name?

Our legal name is Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

What is the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s mailing address?

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation
Health Care Centre
330 East Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC  V3L 3W7

What are your office hours?

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The office is closed weekends and holidays.

How can I make a donation to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation?

Donations can be made online, by mail, by calling 604.520.4438 or by visiting our office. We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), cheques and debit card.

Please make cheques payable to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation or RCH Foundation.

Can I become a monthly donor?

Yes, you can become part of our “Partners in Care” monthly donor group and receive a custom lapel pin when you set up your monthly gift with direct deposit or by credit card.

How can I contact the Royal Columbian Hospital for patient inquiries or visiting hours?

Please call 604.520.4253 to reach the hospital switchboard.

How can I find out about volunteer opportunities at Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation?

Please contact Elizabeth Kelly at 236.332.8744 or lizz.kelly@fraserhealth.ca.


Can I hold an event to raise funds for the Royal Columbian Hospital?

Every year, Royal Columbian Hospital truly benefits from community fundraisers organized by people like you. Organizing your own fundraiser is a fantastic and fun way to support Royal Columbian Hospital. We can provide you with the information you need to host a successful event.

If you have decided on an event you would like to organize, please download our Third Party Event Proposal Form and email it to info@rchfoundation.com, Attn: 3rd party events. You can also call 604.777.8340 if you require further information.

How do I have my name added or removed from Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s mailing list?

To have your name added or removed from our mailing list, please call our office at 604.520.4438 or email us at info@rchfoundation.com.

How does Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation choose to spend funds?

Each year, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation meets with Royal Columbian Hospital physicians, administrators and staff to determine what equipment and programs require support from the Foundation.

The mandate of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is to build public support to advance the mission of Royal Columbian Hospital. To this end, the Foundation helps to fund equipment, capital improvements, educational programs, and medical research to enhance the provision of patient care.

Can I request that my donation go to a particular area of care or fund?

Yes you can. A list of funding opportunities is available on our online donation form or by calling our office at 604.520.4438.

Can I leave a donation in my will?

Yes you can. Please contact Catherine Cornish at 604.520.4902 or through email at catherine.cornish@fraserhealth.ca.

Are there naming opportunities within the hospital?

Yes there are. From bricks to towers, the naming opportunities are vast and varied. For more information, please contact our office by phone at 604.520.4438 or email at info@rchfoundation.com.

Am I paying for something the government should be funding?

The reality is that increased needs for advanced medical equipment make it impossible for government to replace equipment as promptly as desired. Royal Columbian Hospital, like all public healthcare facilities across Canada, works within a limited budget. Donations from individuals, corporations and community organizations enable the hospital to build upon government funding to replace medical equipment more quickly.


How it works
  • You determine which securities or mutual fund holdings you wish to donate
  • Instruct your investment professional to electronically transfer the shares or, you can personally endorse a share certificate and deliver it to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation
  • The date of the gift is the date the shares are received into Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s account
  • The fair market valuation of the gift is the closing market value on the date of the gift
  • For mutual funds, the fair market valuation is the bid price on the date of the gift
Benefits to you
  • You will pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated value of your securities (this would not be the case if you sold your securities and then made the donation)
  • We’ll issue you a tax receipt for the full market value of your gift and you will receive the tax credit toward your annual income tax
  • Open our Sample chart to review how a gift of securities benefits you and Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.
Benefits to Royal Columbian Hospital
  • Your charitable deduction can be claimed against as much as 75 per cent of your net income from sources such as pensions, RRIFs, investment income, etc. and any unused deductions can be carried forward for the next five years
  • Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation will benefit from the maximum financial value held in your securities, so more money can be put to work for the hospital
Gift of securities in your will

When you leave a gift of securities in your will to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, the tax credit can be used in the year of death for up to 100 per cent of that year’s income and/or carried back one year.

To avoid confusion or delay in settling your estate, please ensure that you specifically name Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary.

We encourage you to share your intention with us. We would like to be able to express our appreciation to you personally for your commitment and future support.

If you would like to make a gift of securities to Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, please complete and submit our Securities Transfer Form.

For more information, please contact Jeff Norris at 604.520.4669 or jeffrey.norris@fraserhealth.ca.